My name is Eleanor, I live in the remote north of Western Australia and have a continuing love affair with the ocean. Armed with ink pens and paper, I am inspired by my surrounds, the ever changing sea, the creatures beneath its surface, the waves of varying size or ferocity that peel down our coast and the contrasting sun baked red dirt of the north west.

Majority of my art works are drawings which are created through layering ink scribbles on paper or wood. As I predominantly use UniPin pens, majority of my works are in black and white with the odd  work splashed with some colour from inks or acrylic paints.

I've been painting, drawing and building things since I was a youngster. Over time, things change and we move location through study, work or play, yet regardless of my surrounds and other things going on, art has always been a constant.

All of my original drawings are on Arches 300gsm 100% cotton paper and drawn with Unipin fine liners. Prints are also on 300gsm paper and printed to be museum quality. All photography on this site is my own.

Feel free to get in touch through the contact page.