This moody ocean of ours.

I had never seen a glass off extend so far out to sea and then disappear so quickly. In a matter of minutes the mirror of the sky was gone, the haze on the horizon had sent a ripple across the surface, tainting the glass and sweeping specks of white in from the south west. White caps were on the way. The glassy ankle high waves that were peeling along the shore had turned to waist high onshore slop with spray that stung the eyes. The turquoise water that held turtles and striped fish flitting around the shallows had been replaced by a turbid dark abyss and white foam being flung shore ward. The eerie stillness was gone, the gentle air now a strong salty sea breeze that filled the nostrils, stole my hat and left a sticky damp on the skin. How quickly things can change for this moody ocean of ours, certainly one to respect... 

Posted on January 31, 2017 .